Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chinese Serial

Chinese Serial was the first newspaper in Hong Kong, since the Treaty of Nanjing. Founded in August 1853 and published by Ying Wa College in binding-book style, it introduced Western history, geography and sciences to Chinese readers, as well as reporting the latest news in China and the West. The paper was written mainly in Chinese, although some stories were in English. The paper is the first Chinese newspaper to have s.

Walter Henry Medhurst, a London-born missionary to China, was the first editor-in-chief of the paper. The publication terminated in May 1856 as Medhurst's successor James Legge, the then principal of Ying Wa College, was occupied by school management.

A complete facsimile edition of the paper has been published in 2006.


* 松浦章,內田慶市,沈国威,『遐邇貫珍の研究』,吹田市: 関西大学出版部,平成16 .

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