Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hong Kong Economic Times

Hong Kong Economics Times is the largest Chinese-language financial newspaper in Hong Kong, with an average daily circulation of 82,000 copies
, having been found in January 26, 1988. It has been traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005 as Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited , incorporated in Cayman Islands.


The Economic Times is generally regarded as one of the "Serious Newspapers" along with Hong Kong Economic Journal, which are both known for its columns, economic news and analysis, but Economic Times has distinguished itself through the wider coverage on city, technology, human resources, health and pop culture news, and heavy color and graphical printing.

Although the paper has a relatively short history, it has become the largest financial newspaper in Hong Kong. It has been perhaps most notable when it disclosed the criminal record of Yu Bun Hoi, former public listed Mingpao chairman and marked a series of law reform on public-listing company in Hong Kong. Since 1997, it has won over 40 prizes from the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong, the most prestigious award for journalism in the city, and took all top three awards on economic reporting in 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2003.

The Economic Times does not have strong economic belief on liberal market or invisible hands, the paper mildly opposes controversial , strongly outcries the introduction of , and commemorates students died in 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident. It also controversially advocated the government to intervene the financial market during the Asian crisis in 1997 and 911 attack.

In 8 August 2006, Lawrence Fung Siu-por and his wife Alexandra Lee Suk-wai, owners of the paper, both social science alumni of the University of Hong Kong , donated 10% shares of the company to their mother school to establish Azalea Endowment Fund. . The shares are to be retained by the University for at least 15 years. During that time, dividend payouts, estimated at more than HK$3 million annually, will be used to support a variety of university projects. At the same day, a controversial ownership change took place at Hong Kong Economic Journal, which is currently co-owned by Lam Hang Ji, its reputed founder, and Richard Li, the son of the richest Chinese tycoon Li Ka-Shing.


The newspaper is consisted of five major sections:
;1. News : includes Financial, Commercial News, Property, International and Local.
;2. Opinions: includes Editorials, Commentary
;3. Investment: led by a famous analyst Arthur Shek, it includes market analysis and investment guides.
;4. Executive: Includes management and MBA-style interviews.
;5. Features : Includes Pop Culture, Travel, Foods, Arts, Parental Teaching.

Other Business


HKET publishes a variety of magazines of which contents range from IT to property market. They are distributed free of charge to the newspaper readers or sold at low price if purchased individually. Magazine includes Money Times, e-zone, IT Times, Career Times, Property Times and recently, U Magazine.


ET Net Limited, established in 1994, is now one of the biggest financial news providers in Hong Kong. Over 80% of Hong Kong's brokerage firms and 90% of banks are subscribing to ET Net's stock quotation and information terminals.

Other than Stock news, the Hong Kong Economic Times Group also focuses on providing news related to property market. It established EPRC in 1991 to provide professional property information including asking price and transaction prices as well as China property information for trade practitioners., an online recruitment website, was launched in 1999 by Career Times Online Limited, a joint venture of Hong Kong Economic Times and iBusiness Corporation. It has 300,000 members, 450,000 daily page views and over 6,000 corporate openings available online every week. is the online version of e-zone magazine which provides the latest news and information about different types of IT products like the most updated computer information and price comparison.


It was long ago the HKET Press started publishing, annually, reference books of stock market analaysis. In recent years, a wider scope of books covering fields of investment, business, management and executive life style are also published.


The ET Business College, run by the Economic Times Group, provides courses related to Finance & Investment, China Business, Management and Information Technology, targeted executives and professionals in the markets.


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